How to Obtain a Report


How can I obtain a report? Is there a fee?



  • Madisonville Police Department
    Records Section
    99 East Center Street
    Madisonville, KY 42431
    Report Fees
  • Accident Reports            $3.00 Per Report
  • CD (Electronic Media)     $3.00 Per CD
  • Finger Prints                  $5.00 Per Card
  • Open Records                $0.10 Per Page
  • Open Records                $0.15 Double Sided

We only accept Money Orders or Cash no Checks


  • Come by the Madisonville Police Department during regular business hours.
    If the collision or incident happened within the last week, you should call or
    email us to make sure the report is ready before you come by.

  • NOTE: We do not fax reports.



 Send a self-addressed stamped envelope (including Payment) to: 

Madisonville Police Dept
Records Section
99 E Center St
Madisonville, KY 42431


Rene Boyd,   Records Clerk

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